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Habit 3 generally tells us teens how all of us put unimportant things first. When it comes down to unimportant, important, and urgent things we mix them up in the wrong order. This habit explains how we try to satisfy everyone, slack off, and put unimportant things first. Teens worry about things at the last minute when they were supposed to be first. We put the unimportant and not urgent first. Want to learn more? Come join us on our page as we break it down for you:

Quadrant 1: Basically what this quadrant represents is all the urgent and important things. Things that we can’t control and must get them done.

-When I was a freshman I was a big procrastinator. I would slack off and play around and just not do any work and at the end of the quarter I would start doing all the work and still fail. So I would make it harder for myself and do more work than I had to for nothing because I still failed.
-Jean C. Torres

This is a podcast about a story from the book by Sean Covey.

Quadrant 2: Things that are important but not urgent. This is the quadrant of EXCELLENCE this is where we all want to be at. Things that fall into this category are important but don’t need to be done right away it takes time.
-I had met a kid that was always trying to be perfect. He was only in the 9th grade and he already had his future planned out. He was very organized but it almost seemed like he wasn’t human. He had time to relax, exercise, and write essays. He was always planning ahead. Many kids that knew him tried it but didn’t succeed. This boy made it far he is a very successful senior.
-Keicha Rivera

Quadrant 3: This is for all the people that love to satisfied everyone else but themselves. Quadrant 3 is deceptive because urgent things have the appearance of being important.

- I once knew a cheerleader. She was always trying to satisfied and make her mom happy. She practiced everyday she never took a break. She was so busy to succeed her mom’s dreams and not hers. The poor girls still is wasting herself. She thought that satisfying her mom was important than herself.
-Keicha Rivera

Quadrant 4: Most teens fall into this category they are always wasting time. They don’t do anything but sleep and watch TOO much tv.

-I once had a friend that would always sit back and do absolutely nothing. she thought that everything was going to get done by it's self. Projects and exams were coming up. She was always wasting time, while everyone else prepared for the exams and projects. She would go to parties and watch a lot of tv. When exams and the project days were getting closer she was so stressed out , while everyone else relaxed. She is a great example of a SLACKER.
-Keicha Rivera