Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind

Hello, our names are Yazmirah C., Crystal M., and Danielle S. We have read Mr. Covey's National Bestseller book, and we would like to help everyone as well as ourselves bett
er understand Habit 2, Begin With The End in Mind. The whole concept of accomplishing this is to decide where you want to go and draw up a map to get there. It is important to have the end in mind because you are at critical crossroads in life, and the choices you make can affect your future tremendously. Hopefully, the information we provide will be a help to you as it was to us.
know what you want in life. youthpowergroupusa.blogspot.com

  • Key NO. 1: Count The Cost- Make Sure The Goals You Set For Yourself Are Actually Able To Be Met. "Am I Willing To Make A Sacrifice ?"
  • Key NO. 2 : Put It In Pen- A Goal Not Written Will Always Remain A Dream. "A Goal Not Written Is Only A Wish"
  • Key NO. 3: Just Do It- Never Half Do Things. "Do Or Do Not. There Is No Try."-Yoda
  • Key NO. 4: Use Momentous Moments- Harness The Moments For Goal Setting. "Tough Experiences Carry Momentum"
  • Key No. 5: Rope Up- Borrow Strength From Others. "Aid Each Other"

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Over Working yourself is a negative.http://www.seancovey.com/teens.html

Personal Stories:
"I’ve been through a lot in my life and even though it’s in the past it creeps up time to time. Sometimes I even question what’s my purpose in life but then I remember what I’ve accomplished in addition to what I’m able to contribute to the world. I never forget the past, live in the present, and work towards the future. I live with the end in mind." ~Crystal

"My first year of high school was a disaster. I was living with my grandmother and my father was with his girlfriend. My mother has been deceased since 2001, so I had a very 'I don't care' attitude towards school and my future. I skipped school everyday. I totally flunked 9th grade as well as half of my 10th grade year. after awhile it hit me, me failing high school wouldn't bring mother back or my father around so i did well for me and now I am junior getting grades no less than a B. This paradigm shift happened when I stopped trying to make everyone pay attention to me through my good, and used my accomplishments instead." -Yazmirah

"When I first moved to Bethlehem I didn't wanted to live here the first day I cried to go back home but I couldn't because the decision I chose already have been made.I really missed home but I knew I had to do what was best for me. I was only 15yrs of age at the time and I was making decisions base on my anger;I noticed that making serious decisions when your anger can result in a serious conflict. I learned from my mistakes but a person can go back in the past only move forward." -Danielle

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